Would your TED presentation be this creative?

Tim Urban proves that a minimal, no-frills, non-designer created presentation can be as effective if properly used to complement a compellingly communicated story. Plus, a few points on how the brain of a procrastinator (wait, what are those?) works!

Presentation ideas you can steal:

  1. Keep it simple – Forget talking about the limbic brain and the neocortex, go with metaphors like man and monkey!
  2. Make it visual – It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw, draw anyway. People respond much better to visual input.
  3. Tell stories – Use your own experiences to augment your narrative.
  4. Bring the jokes – Think it’s cheesy? Well, cheesy beats mundane every time.
  5. Don’t procrastinate – Go ahead, get started, make things happen!

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