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eTenders.lk - Sales Deck

About the Project

eTenders.lk is a subscription-based tender discovery and notification system.

Using the Show & Tell presentation approach, we recrafted their marketing messaging to position the service as a business growth enabler. We challenged the audience (potential subscribers) to want to grow their business faster, and laid out a possible plan to do so.

By recrafting the presentation narrative, we repositioned eTenders.lk from an operational tool used to a strategic asset that helps businesses grow.

International Fashion Fest - Sponsorship Promotion Deck

About the Project

International Fashion Fest (IFF) was hosted by Pegasus Events and Shade Mirror and held at Colombo’s glittering Galadari Hotel. As a fashion show featuring international models, choreographers, artists and celebrities, it needed to secure sufficient sponsorships to put on a eminent show.

This deck therefore sought to position the event as one of prestigious calibre in order to secure attractive sponsorships reaching USD 50,000. Adopting a sponsor-centric approach, we mapped out the major factors that would influence a sponsor’s decision making, from concerns about the track record of organisers to the benefits their brands would enjoy and the impact these would have on their business. A significant part of the effort was also placed in elevating the visual magnetism of the deck in order to create a powerful first impression and engender brand trust.

ICT Agency of Sri Lanka - IT/BPM Promotions Deck

About the Project

The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) is the institution of the Sri Lankan government tasked with implementing all the ICT projects in the country.

A key objective of this institute is to promote and foster relations with businesses in other countries. This is done with the intention of inviting them to invest in Sri Lanka through off-shore IT/Knowledge Management research or backoffice operation centres.

When ICTA came to Show & Tell, they wanted a deck that they could help promote the IT/BPM industry as well as promote Sri Lanka as a IT destination for SME in Australia. Through an exhaustive deck, we crafted the story to inform and influence audiences to seriously consider Sri Lanka for thier IT/BPM needs. The presentation has been well received over the last 3 years that it has been delivered to audiences.

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